Tref News : President Tref Announces New Single Releases " T & O

President, " JOSEPH PETER" Tref Community Choir Wrote

Good morning FAM and welcome to February from a year of January.

First I want to appreciate those who took part in the last contest of guessing the right artists for 5k, everyone tried their best but las las, no one could get it right.
Thank you for loving us enough to encourage us by taking part in what we do, I don't take the least thing like reacting to my posts or commenting on my post for granted then how much more taking part in a contest where the little prize is something you are more than.... I saw that you took part in it, not because of the prize but because you love us enough to take part in the fun and also encourage us.
God will bless you all .

Well the featured artists are now officially made public and believe Me when I say that you'll be surprise by what you'll hear from them. I'll tell you a little about them, maybe by tomorrow.
This song would be out in just few days from now and I need you to pray and prepare to receive what the lord has for you through this sound.
To you that know #TREF_COMMUNITY_CHOIR you'll attest to the fact that we cant give you something less than excellence because our motto states that : excellence is the love, the true spirituality .
I intentionally refuse to tell you the dropping date cause I want to surprise you, but just know that in just very few days from now, this sound would be playing in your ears, heart, and spirit.
God bless you all for standing by us always.

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