(Audio & Video) Alright - Trust and Obey (T&O) - Joseph Peters [ ft. Christian Ita & Abigail Kings]

Few years (2019) after the release of the most Iconic debut single " Emmanuel" by Joseph Peters, he has teamed up again with his most wonderful and Reputable Choir on this new flavored Sound well seasoned with creativity and Musical Arrangement.  

Alright - Trust and Obey (T&O) by Joseph Peters [ ft. Christian Ita & Abigail Kings] is not just a song, but a sound - a sound for every Believer, which has the Word of Christ in it, making meaning to the soul and spirit.

T&O carries nothing but instructions from God to  His children around the world. 

Aside the excellency of this song, pay close attention to the message from God - The Father to you through this sound.

In a generation where people depend so much on their own strength, connection, motivational quotes,  business principles and a lots of human pursuits, there is need to go back to the path of trusting God, obeying His instructions and maintaining the path..."for by strength shall no man prevail". 

This sound is not for everyone but for those who will care to listen. It might not be a song that will make you cry and roll on the floor (that's not even God's intention), but it'll surely build you up in your work with God and your prospects.

Join Joseph Peters and the TREF Community Choir (featuring Christian Ita and Abigail Kings) to pray and receive from God this message of life through this melodic harmonic and rhythmic sound.

Joseph Peters
Christian Ita
Abigail Kings

                         Producer:   Veek Musiq
Mix, Master, Engineer:   Krizflip
                                 Video:   Maye Dexter Studios

Emapyano (Piano)
Mcmanuel (Bass Guitar)
Samuel Udonquak (Guitar)

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