The word "secular " And a Brief Clarification

 The Word "Secular " And a Brief Clarification

The word "secular " means "something not specifically religious" it also means "something worldly "
Well I know where you have a problem is the word "worldly " so let me help you .

First that your dictionary wasn't written by Jesus Christ or apostle Paul or any of the apostles so you won't say the word "worldly " is spiritual and was referred to satanic .

Another meaning for the word "worldly " is "earthly" example is the phone you're using, the cloth you wear, the house you're living in, that your job and business, books, schools and the subjects and courses, different professions, microphones, musical instruments etc. .

The word "secular " And a Brief Clarification

The word "not specifically religious" means it can be done, use, practice, accepted by everyone irrespective of religion; examples are: 
(a) Education: education is considered important by every human not only Christians 
(b) Profession: professions like medical, law, music, entrepreneurship etc is practiced by everyone not only Christians.
So next time you hear the word secular even when its attached to music profession, know that it means a music profession or style of music that's generally accepted, don't be too empty to tag the word secular as evil .
If the word secular is evil then the language you speak, the English you speak is evil and you've sinned against God.
Today I've had people come to me on social media chat to tell me that I'm misleading people, that I'm asking singers to go and be like naira Marley .

This is my response to them 
How come you know Naira Marley his songs to a point of even quoting few lines of his songs you feel is evil, how come you know about his video content since you are a Christian and you don't like secular, you don't listen to secular? Even me that make this posts don't know any of these peoples songs.

You come against secular musicians but you watch movies where they romance and kiss people and you even celebrate the characters even wish to see them in your church but music becomes the evil .

Let me surprise you people, if I run a church today and and I have naira Marley and others in my congregation, if he's born again and very good in music, I'll make him my music director; the reason is because I'm not foolish not to know the difference between belief and profession. 
You come against secular artists and call them evil but you keep a pharmacist that sales condoms and abortion pills in his pharmacy as elder in your church some as associate pastors .
Religion is an illiterate .
This is my last post for today
A big thank you to everyone that followed up, read, reacted and commented .
I love you all, see you as you engage. 

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